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Andy recognizes the benefits of an increased public profile through networking, but realizes that these skills are not his forte. He has opted to hire an actor to portray him. Exploring appearance and identity, Andy is projecting a carefully constructed public persona through wardrobe selection and by providing direction to an actor. Hot Pursuit is about the creation of appearances.

Hot Pursuit is a multi-faceted project. There is a performance aspect to the work, and a more formal presentation component. The performances will be documented by a videographer and edited into a short video, to presented in conjunction with the artist's costume, a bespoke tailored business suit.

An underlying theme of Hot Pursuit is ambition, as the artist works towards a goal and continues to develop career-building projects. The work will follow "Andy" from the creation of the suit to the pursuit of his goal as he attempts to pitch Galleries on the virtues of the suit and the project. The gallery is targeted for its national reputation and public recognition.

Artists work in a competitive environment, one that merges art with business. Highly educated artists resemble professionals in other more conventional business fields. The project aims to give the artist a strategic advantage in managing and promoting his career. The promotional potential of the work to media, also serves as a way to communicate with a wider audience.

Hot Pursuit comments on the legitimizing role of traditional gallery exhibitions in defining the artist in society. This multi-layered work is an ironic approach to this cultural understanding of the artist and art. It is-at its most fundamental level- a show about trying to get a show. The work places a physical presence and visual form to complex ideas, through both performance and presentation.




Canada Council for the Arts - Financial assistance
Walter Beauchamp Tailors - The suit
Dexter Ico - Videography
Miklos Legrady - Photography/ Publicity Stills
Kelly Mark - Tour Guide/ Facilitator
Michelle Peters - Administrative coordinator
Marc Tellez - As "Andy"