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Everyday, thousands of University of Manitoba staff and students pass through a busy underground tunnel connecting University Centre to the Science Complex. For a two week period the stark utilitarian tunnel was transformed into an exhibition space.

After many negotiations with the University, permission was granted for the installation of "Mining the Traps" The site-specific photography exhibit comprised of twenty-five panels of four photographs(2.5 by 3.5 feet total), spanned over the length of the 250 ft. long tunnel.

Factoring in the decision to seek the use this space was steady and often heavy pedestrian traffic, a continuous running wall space, utility conduits and overhead security cameras which all affect the experience of viewing the photographs.

The work's unexpected presence made a powerful impression on students and staff who use the tunnel on a daily basis. Colourful and evocative images were a startling contrast to the tunnel environment. The images slowed and often stopped the pedestrian traffic normally rushing through the space.

Special Thanks to David McMillan for the Tunnel Video documentation.