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Part I: The Suit

Captured live on video, “Andy's” pursuit begins with the making of a bespoke suit. Storeowner Terry Beauchamp proudly tours “Andy” around his shop, as master-tailor Alonso measures, cuts, and sews “Andy's” one-of-a-kind suit. The suit is crafted over a period of weeks, as “Andy” comes in for multiple fittings. The store is excited to have a younger client (most are in their sixties). Terry emotionally refers to his bespoke business “as a dying art”. “Andy” is excited for the suit to make its grand debut.

Part II: The Pursuit

The ambitious video component of Hot Pursuit is challenged, as the camera is turned away from Power Plant Director Gregory Burke's talk (this is “Andy's” first public event) and from a public tour of the gallery. Respecting Power Plant's concerns, “Andy” shows up to the Geoffrey Farmer talk without the camera. Meeting curator Reid Shier is the highlight of the evening for “Andy”.

It's all cameras rolling for “Andy's” appearance at the Toronto art fairs on November 3. “Andy” mingles with art dealers, artists, media, curators and others as his entourage circles around him capturing the interactions on camera. Toronto artist Kelly Mark introduces her “friend from Winnipeg” to her colleagues. Kelly advises “Andy” to always carry a drink to look like a serious artist. Other than those directly involved in the project, nobody knows that the custom-suited actor is not the real artist (the drink tip must have worked!). There is more to Hot Pursuit than meets the eye.

As a result of the art fairs, Andy was invited to showcase work on the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art's web site. A couple of Toronto artists have also begun a series, “Art for Sale” inspired by “Andy's” work. Hot Pursuit is slowly raising his profile.

“Andy” has been continuing the pursuit, working hard behind the scenes and making public appearances in support of his goals. He recently courted the staff at Power Plant by dropping by to give them gifts.

Hot Pursuit was thrown an unexpected twist, with the announcement of Power Plant curator Reid Shier's upcoming departure. “Andy” plans to meet with Reid to get his perspective on Hot Pursuit.