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This work embraces the ironies of gambling, with a balance of humour and seriousness.

There is a certain amount of controversy over the fact that money from gambling (and thus from people with gambling addictions) is used as revenue to fund government programs. The piece explores this cyclical relationship in an artistic cultural context.

The viewer will share "Andy's" excitement (and frustration) as he scratches away in hopes of a big win. A representative, on behalf of the artist, will also be part of the performance, as he/she will keep track of the wins and losses. The viewer will be confronted with the excitement of chance and the disappointment of loss through the performance.

A different actor will portray "the Artist" every day. As performance art is not Andy's forte, professional actors will handle this. This increases the benefits, by "spreading the wealth!" Having 9 different actors portray Andy is also indictative that gambling issues can affect people from all walks of life. Over the course of the exhibition 9 actors will scratch 3000 tickets.

The Winning Circle:

•The artist wins, by way of support from the Manitoba Arts Council;
•Government wins, as the purchase of lottery tickets benefits its core programs;
•local businesses win, from the rental and purchase of props and materials needed to stage the performance;
•the cultural industries win, through the employment of actors for the performance;
•the gallery wins, as the "winnings" will be donated to the gallery by the artist;
•the public wins, through the exhibition of a challenging and exciting work, which is both entertaining and engaging